'Sensing Spaces' at the Royal Academy of Arts: A liberating education on the regenerative power of architecture

Let me start by stating the obvious and undeniable: the exhibition ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’ that the Royal Academy of Arts in London is unveiling on 25 January 2014 is, most probably, the best architecture exhibition that you will ever see, and one of the most accomplished and best curated displays of ingenuity that you will be able to experience in your lifetime. 

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Celebrating a life in architecture: Richard Rogers retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts

Remembering the Modern American City: George Bellows at the Royal Academy of Arts

‘Manet: Portraying Life’ at the Royal Academy of Arts

Royal Academy of Arts 2012 Summer Exhibition: A Controlled Explosion of Colour and Form

In a few days, the Royal Academy of Arts in London will open its doors to showcase its annual Summer Exhibition, the world’s largest show of open-submission contemporary art. If previous editions of the exhibition have been easily dismissed for its populism and conservative curatorial criteria and display formats, the 2012 Summer Exhibition is an unquestionable success in the way it celebrates colour and form, both in the diversity of shapes and textures explored by the artists and in the creative layout of the pieces.


David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Picture’ Exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts: Seeing the Wood for the Trees

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is currently displaying the first major exhibition in the UK of David Hockney’s landscape work. Paintings inspired by Yorkshire landscape, many large in scale and created specifically for the exhibition, are shown alongside related drawings and films. Through a selection of works spanning 50 years, the paintings are placed in the context of Hockney’s extended exploration of and fascination with landscape.

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